Thursday, 5 November 2015


I have been working on the border of my La Pass quilt, I am wanting to piece the outside border.  Much happier cutting that instead of those precious points.


  1. Hi Robyn, I just found your photo of the la passacaglia with your pieced border. Do I understand correctly that you're essentially surrounding it with rosettes, just all in the one colour? Did you work out which rosettes would fit where, or did you just add pieces in 'til the whole thing expanded (that makes sense in my head!). I really don't want to appliqué mine, nor cut off hard-won coloured rosettes, so I'm curious as to how you've done yours. Which is gorgeous by the way, I should have started with that!!

    1. Thank you for the comments Kim.
      I found once making the centre of the quilt, it was easy to figure out the placing around the outside edge, but without the points and all in the one colour. I am just working my way around as I go and guesstimating the squaring. Better too much than too little, then I will just square it off, much happier to cut this border than the precious pieces in the main. I hope that helps, if you have any more questions, happy to help...:-)