Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Just started quilting this big boy, wanting to let the material guide the quilting where I can. Lots to be done, looking forward to it...:-)

Saturday, 9 April 2016


I got La Passacaglia back from being basted on Friday, so the hand quilting begins.  I am hoping to let the material in each rosette guide me, wish me luck.  I do have a deadline, my friend Shirley wants me to put it into an exhibition in once again wish me luck....:-)


Now I know I said I was distracted, but I still squeeze in a bit of patchwork.
The Garden of forgetfulness is growing, I am planning another row and then I will border it.  Someone asked the other day what the border was, its the same material as the stars in the centre of each block, which is also all the same material, amazing the variation it has given me.  I have really enjoyed piecing this pattern...:-)


I have also made three of these bags, which are ideal for holding crochet projects.  In saying that, two of them I have given to my sister, who is just learning to crochet.


I have also started putting a dark border around my granny square blanket.  Then I am thinking about colour blocking a few rows and then a fancy edge....maybe...:-)


Ok, ok, to say I have been distracted is a bit of an understatement.  CROCHET has a lot to answer for.  I have made at least 6 pairs of Crocodile slippers (just to perfect the pattern)