Saturday, 9 April 2016


I got La Passacaglia back from being basted on Friday, so the hand quilting begins.  I am hoping to let the material in each rosette guide me, wish me luck.  I do have a deadline, my friend Shirley wants me to put it into an exhibition in once again wish me luck....:-)


  1. So beautiful. Enjoy the hand quilting.

  2. My friend Judy wants t now where you get your quilts basted? Also how are you going to quilt this beautiful quilt?
    Kathleen Mary

  3. Kathy I have had this one done by Helen Hayes, she is a bit quicker than my other lady Karen Styles from Somerset. In saying that I am never in that much of a hurry to get them back, but this one I have to try and finish before September.
    I am letting the material talk to me, I have just started and quite like what it is saying. I will try and post a picture to let you see...:-)